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Wheat flour, Calcium carbonate E170, Emulsifier E472e, vegetable fat oil (rapeseed origin), ascorbic acid E300, enzymes

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Concentrated improver for wheat bread and buns

• A perfect combination of ingredients
• Improves the dough handling qualities
• GImproves the stretch ability of wheat gluten for
- a high proofing tolerance
- a good bread volume
• Gives better oven spring
• For a good taste of your bread
• Dosage: 0,2 – 0,5 % on flour weight, depending on flour quality and bread type
Recipe for Rolls and French bread Tin bread Soft rolls Hamburger buns
wheat flour 100.0kg 100.0kg 100.0kg
WT2 0.5kg 0.3kg 0.5kg
salt 2.0kg 1.5kg 1.5kg
dry yeats* 1.0kg 1.0kg 2.0kg
or fresh yeast 2.5kg 2.5kg 5.0kg
sugar --kg 3.0kg 8.0kg
fat --kg 3.0kg 6.0kg
milk powder --kg --kg 1.0kg
water** 55.0 - 65.0l 54.0 - 60.0l 50.0 - 60.0l

* yeast level depends on processing speed
** depending on flour quality
(spiral mixer) + 8 min at fast speed Processing: Add WT2 to the dough and proceed as usual

Packing: 20 kg per bag with PE liner
Store in a cool and dry place (18° C max)
Art. No. 03 720C