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The Spelt Specialist

On this side you can find interesting information about SchapfenMühle´s speciality: Spelt!

Schapfen Mühle has been THE specialist for several years in spelt processing
Spelt is an “old” grain, and is the precursor of today’s wheat crop. Common mostly in Southern Germany, spelt remained the primary bread grain in Württemberg until the 19th century. It then disappeared from the market almost entirely for a long period, though has enjoyed a come-back in recent years.

Schapfen Mühle plays a considerable role in this. As specialist spelt providers we have gathered many years of expertise in processing the grain. Due to its particular peculiarity, its husk, the grain requires an individual method of treatment. Unlike other forms of grain, the spelt grains grow in a firmly sealed husk, protected from harmful environmental influences. The grains are only removed from this husk once they reach the mill, by means of a complex process.

The Schapfen mill uses the latest technology in order to ensure the highest quality standards can be met reliably and consistently. Strict quality controls and innovative new product ideas go hand in hand, thanks to our own in-house development department and the directly connected applications technology. This is essential for ensuring the famously high quality of Schapfen Mühle products. Furthermore, Schapfen Mühle only uses spelt from its local contract farmers, who have committed to controlled agriculture.

The high quality of the spelt products is ensured by:
• Controlled contract growing
• Typical Franckenkorn spelt variety
• Guaranteed purchase quantities and prices
• Guarantee of origin
• Only regional spelt from local contract farmers

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25kg Plastic Lined Carton

Case Dimensions Weight:
380 x 269 x 294


Case (Per Pallet):

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