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Wheat flour, rye flour, potato flakes, dried rye sourdough, malt flour (wheat, barley), wheat gluten, salt, ascorbic acid E300, enzymes (vegetable origin), spices.

Pumpkin Seed Bread
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• Pumpkin seeds in combination with herbs give this bread the characteristic taste
• Contains soy grits, sunflower-, sesame- and linseeds.
• Light aromatic bread type, a blend of wheat and rye flour, with long lasting freshness
• Finest selection of raw material guarantees best bread quality
• Dosage : 50 %

Recipe for Potato Bread
concentrate 5.0kg
wheat flour 5.0kg
fresh yeast 0.30kg
or dry yeast 0.15kg
water 16.15l
total dough 16.15kg

• Dough temperature: 27° C
• Mix time (spiral mixer) 4 minutes slow + 6 minutes fast speed
• Rest time: 20 - 30 minutes
• Scale 580 g dough for 500 g loaves
• Mould dough pieces long, decorate with pumpkin & oat flakes topping and set up on trays
• Proof time: 45 – 60 minutes
• Bake at 230° C with steam

Packing: 25 kg per bag with PE liner
Store in a cool and dry place (18° C max)
Art. Nr. 03 2 09 A