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Wheat flour, wheat malt, dried onions, dried peppers, iodized salt, dried wheat sour dough, sugar, lecithine E322, dried extract from barley malt, vegetable oil (rapeseed origin), dried parsley, vegetable soup bouillon (iodized salt, maltodextrine, extract from yeast, cane sugar, palm oil, onion, celery, garlic, mace), sodium diacetate E262, calcium phosphate E341, enzymes (vegetable origin), ascorbic Acid E300

Pane Capricciosa
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Concentrate to produce mediterranean breads

· Contains rye, wheat, soy grits, linseed, dried sour dough and a blend of Bavarian spices
· Dosage: 30%

Recipe for rolls and breads
Recipe Breads/Rolls Ciabatta Focaccia
wheat flour 7.0kg 7.0kg 7.0kg
Pane Capricciosa 3.0kg 3.0kg 3.0kg
fresh yeast 0.4kg 0.25kg 3.0kg
or dry yeast 0.13kg 0.09kg 0.09kg
Oil --kg 0.5kg 0.5kg
water 6.0l 7.0l 6.0kg
total dough quantity 16.4kg 17.75kg 16.75kg
Mixing slow+fast 2min + 7min 2min + 9min 2min + 8min
Dough temperature 26° - 27° C 25° C 25° C
Rest time 10min 120min 30min
Scaling weight 500g for bread 16 x 300g 150 - 250g
  2100g for rolls 10min. = 4.8kg  
Interim proof 10min. 60min. press in form
Fermentaion 50min 25min --
Baking temp. 230° C 230° C 230° C
Baking time 25min 25min 25min

Premix for savoury Italian style breads like Ciabatta, Baguettes and Focaccia, as well for loaf breads and rolls of different shapes.

Easy to handle - professional bread qualities.

Amazingly spiced with Mediterranean flavour. Contents onions, red bell peppers, garlic, celery and our special shot parsley for the fresh herb taste.

Dosage: 30%

Packing: 25 kg per bag with PE liner
Store in a cool and dry place (18° C max)
Art. No. 03 2 24 A