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wheat flour, rye flour, iodised salt, malted barley flour partly roasted, dried sourdough, sugar, guar gum flour E412, lecithin E322, sodium diacetate E262, enzymes (vegetable origin), ascorbic acid E300.

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Concentrate for rye-grain-bread

• Contains sourdough for full aromatic taste
• For bread and rolls with crispy crust
• Dosage: 10 % on flour quantity
• Krustika is very well to base to blend bread mixes on individual recipes
Recipe for Crusties, - Rye Rolls/Bread
wheat 9.0kg 7.0kg
rye flour -- 2.0kg
Krustika 1.0kg 1.0kg
fresh yeast 0.30kg 0.30kg
or dry yeast 0.10kg 0.10kg
water approx* 6.0l 6.4l

* water absorption depend on flour quality

• Dough temperature: 26°-28° C
• Mix time 3 min. at slow
(spiral mixer) + 8 min at fast speed • Rest time: 15 minutes

Packing: 25 kg per bag with PE liner
Store in a cool and dry place (18° C max)
Art. No. 0 3 2 08 BA