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Schapfen GerstenWonne
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Barley and spelt bread

• Complete mix to produce barley bread, a typical compact German bread type.
• Contains wholemeal barley flour, spelt flour, sour dough made from barley, potato flakes and pumpkin seeds. No wheat components added.
• The mild sour dough flavour combined with the barley aroma gives this bread its unique taste. Potato flakes provide a long lasting freshness.
• Without the addition of wheat components (NOT Gluten Free)
• Good fresh keeping qualities due to the addition of potato flakes
• Contains Honey to round up the taste
• 38 % Barley components (flour, sourdough, malt)
• 19 % Spelt components (flour, bran, sourdough)
• 100 g “Gerstensonne” contain 9.5 g fibre (approx 1/3 of the recommended minimum daily intake)

Recipe for GerstenWonne Bread
Schapfen GerstenWonne 10.0kg
fresh yeast 0.18kg
or dry yeast 0.075kg
water 7.5l
Kilocalorie(kcal) 232
Protein 10g
Carbohydrates 29g
(sugars) 5.1g
Fad 8.2g
(saturated) 1.3g
Natrium 0.58g

* ananalytical values, subject to natural fluctuations

• Dough temperature 28°
• Mixing: 10 - 12 minutes slow only
• Rest time: 30 minutes
• Work up with moist hands, form the loaves, cover surface with a mix of sesame and pumpkin seeds and put into greased tins.
• After forming the dough pieces cover with oat flakes and set into greased tins.
Tip: handle dough with moist hands.
• Proofing time: 60minutes (full proof)
• baking with steam, open damper after 2 minutes oven temperature at start 260° C, decreasing to 190 ° C at the end baking time: 70 – 75 minutes

Packing: 25 kg per bag with PE liner
Store in a cool and dry place (18° C max)
Art. No. 03 1 78