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Dinkel flour, Dinkel whole meal flour, rye flour, potato flour, pregelatinized corn flour, malt flour, salt iodised, wheat gluten, calcium acetate E263, lactic acid E270, calcium sulphate E516, guar gum E412, soy flour, lecithin E322, ascorbic acid E300.

Schapfen Schwäbischer Dinkellaib
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concentrate for bread and rolls

• A light and spongy bread type, consisting of 90 % Spelt
• Long lasting freshness and softness thanks to the content of rye and potatoes
• The typical and aromatic Dinkel bread taste is harmonising excellently with many savoury food, like cheese, smoked meat and sausages

Recipe for Dinkel Loaves
Schapfen Schwäbischer Dinkellaib 30.0kg
wheat flour 7.0kg
fresh yeast 0.3kg
or dry yeast 0.15kg
water 6.5l
total dough 16.65kg

• Dough temperature 27° C
• Mix 5 minutes at slow + 3 minutes at fast speed (spiral mixer)
• Rest time: 30 minutes
• Mould dough pieces long and set up on trays, dust topside with flour.
• On half proof cut topside several times
• Proofing time: 60 minutes
• Baking at 230° C with steam / 30 minutes

Recipe for Dinkel Loaves

Dinkel Loaf mix 10.0kg
wheat flour 0.12kg
fresh yeast 0.25kg
or dry yeast 0.12kg
water 7.5l
total dough 17.62kg

• Dough temperature 24° C
• Mix 3 minutes at slow + 5 minutes at fast speed (spiral mixer)
• Rest time: 90 minutes
• Break out the dough with moister hand 850 g for 750 g loaves, set up on baking paper
• After 10 minutes bake at 250° C with steam, decreasing to 200° C - approx. 50 minutes

Packing: 25 kg per bag with PE liner
Store in a cool and dry place (18° C max)
Art. No. 03 1 15 A