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Typical Analysis
Salt 2% max
Color 15 - 16%
Melting Characteristics
Slip Point 42 -48c
Solids @ 20c 30 -40%
Solids @ 30c 20 -25%
Solids @ 35c <15%
(% solids determined by NMR
Compliance to Health Claims
Organisation Certified
Halaal (SANHA) YES
Solids @ YES
Solids @ YES
Allergens Soya YES
Compliance to Health Claims
Organisation Certified
Halaal (SANHA) YES
Supa Bake Yellow 25kg

Specialized bakery emulsion, made exclusively for bakers from pure fully refined, bleached, deoderised and selectively hardened oils

Palm oil (Palm Fruit,Palm Seed), Salt, Water, Butter, Flavour, Emulsifiers. Preservative: Sodium Benzoate, Antioxidants BHA, Citric Acid.
Colourant: Annato Tumeric

Selling Points
• All purpose baking application
• Free of hydrogenated fats • Specially designed as a butter replacer for cakes, icing fillings, toppings, sauces, pastry, pie dough, biscuits and all other applications where butter or white margarine is required

Comparative Details
• Value for money product

Supa Bake Yellow

25kg Plastic Lined Carton

Case Dimensions Weight:
380 x 269 x 294


Case (Per Pallet):

Case (Per 200ft Container):