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Chemical Analysis
Free fatty acid 0,15% max
Peroxide value 2,0 mEq/kg max
Salt (as NaCl) 2% max
Slip point +/- 36C
Solid Fat Content (NMR)
@20C +/- 30%
@30C +/- 11%
@35C +/- 3.5%
Epic Superklik

The fat is based on selectively hydrogenated edible vegetable oils, which have been fully refined and deoderised. Conforms to both the Muslim and Jewish authority food standards.

Specifically formulated for use in top quality cakes and biscuits. Well suited to industrial and artisinal biscuit production. Also for madeira cakes.

25kg corrugated board container available with food grade low density polyethylene liner. The product contains BHA antioxidant, in accordance with South African legislation. Conforms to both the Jewish and Muslim authority food standards.

Shelf Life:
6 months in sealed container, cool conditions (max 20C)

Due to the nature of soft margarines like Hykreem, the product could "oil out" or undergo changes in texture, when handled in unfavourable conditions.

This can be caused by temperature or pressure.

It is therefore advised that the product be kept refrigerated (10C max) and the pallets not stored on top of each other.