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Chemical Analysis
Free fatty acid 0,15% max
Peroxide value 1,0 mEq/kg max
Salt (as NaCl) 2% max
Slip point +/- 29.5-31.5C
Nitrogen N/A
Moisture +/- 18% max
Solid Fat Content (NMR) Winter
@20C +/- 18 - 20%
Solid Fat Content (NMR) Summer
@20C +/- 20 - 24%
@30C +/- 5-7%
@35C +/- <2%
Epic Embassy

High quality yellow margarine consisting of vegetable fats and oils with quick melting characteristics and a wide plastic range Conforms to both the Muslim and Jewish authority food standards.

Fine quality spreading margarine, also suitable for cooking and baking applications.

20kg corrugated board container.

Shelf Life:
6 months in sealed container, cool conditions (max 20C)